Lobby – Keep Blood Test Services in Southend

bloodtestLobby Health Commissioners – Keep Blood Test Services in Southend!!!

12:30pm, Thursday 31st January, meet on steps of the Civic Centre, Victoria Avenue, Southend-on-Sea.

PLEASE NOTE this change of venue! The CCG will meet in Committee Room 6. The public can attend by registering on 01702 314282 or e mail southend.ccg@nhs.net .
The East and Midlands strategic health authority plan to send all blood tests from surgeries in Southend, Castle Point and Basildon to Bedford instead of to local hospitals.

This risks delays to vital test results but also means that the remaining services at the hospitals are likely to run down as half their work is taken away.

We will be lobbying the Southend Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), the organisation of GPs who order NHS services for this area, to urge them to listen to local people and not sign the contract which may mean your surgery’s blood tests will go to a centre in Bedford.

If you haven’t already signed the Echo‘s petition – you can do it here

This lobby is supported by: Southend Against The Cuts, Southend Trades Union Council, Keep Our NHS Public and Southend Local Government UNISON


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