Don’t let SERCO get their hands on our blood tests!


Don’t Let SERCO get their hands on our blood tests!

‘Outsourcing’ company SERCO are a key part of the Bedford blood testing service to which Southend GP surgery blood tests are likely to be sent.

The contract for blood tests was won by ‘Consolidated Pathology Services’ which is a consortium of health service organisations and a private partner -SERCO. Companies like SERCO have one aim only – to make money for their shareholders.

We knew about the risk of delay in getting vital test results because of the need to send samples across a busy and congested area all the way to Bedford.

We knew about the threat to blood laboratories at local hospitals when they stand to lose half their work.

Now, it turns out this scheme is not just unworkable but it’s also part of the government’s drive to privatise our NHS.

This news makes it even more important that we put pressure on the local Clinical Commissioning Group to reject this contract! Keep NHS Blood Testing local and Keep It Public!

The details of the Lobby on 31st January are here!


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