Stop Privatisation of our Blood Tests


LOBBY SOUTHEND NHS CCG (Clinical Commissioning Group)

Thursday 27th March – meet 1pm outside Suffolk House, Baxter Avenue, Southend, SS2 6HZ

Last year, local Clinical Commissioning Groups (who decide what NHS services will be delivered) wanted to hive off blood and other pathology tests to a centre in Bedford. Public opinion fought that off – but now they’re back for more. This time, the labs at Southend and Basildon Hospitals will be run down to deliver an ‘urgent’ service, while a company called IPP, which includes a private sector ‘partner’, will build a new testing centre ‘between Southend and Basildon’.

The private sector are only interested when they can make a profit – from our services! How long will it be before the excellent hospital labs close for good? How long before gridlock on the A127 or the A13 delays an urgent test? According to the Echo, the new centre won’t just look for work locally – how long before a local service is sacrificed to turning a profit?

There will be cuts to staffing in the new service. That’s what this is about – cuts to funding our NHS and private companies in by the back door. You can download our petition here and a leaflet by Keep Our NHS Public here.


One Response

  1. Yet more backdoor privatisation of our NHS. In a VERY few years you and your children will have to PAY for health care as this bit by bit privatisation of our NHS takes place under this government

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