About Us

Southend Against The Cuts is a campaign group started at a public meeting organised by Southend-on-Sea Trades Union Council.

We aim to include all those who oppose the Con Dems government’s policy of trying to make working people pay for the impact of the economic crisis. Whether it is cuts in service, jobs, pay and conditions, or privatisation, we believe that we have to defend ourselves against these attacks.

We aim to unite trade unions, campaigns, community groups and individual activists across the Southend-on-Sea, Essex area. To date we have had participation from: trade unions  including PCS, Unison, UCU and CWU; members of  political organisations including the Labour Party, SWP and Left Unity, campaigns such as Keep Our NHS Public – and many individuals!

If you want to help fight the cuts – get in touch with us. Email us at southendagainstcuts@gmail.com.


One Response

  1. Hi, I fully support you as you are my local group. .
    I have a disabled son who has to now fight for his DLA which was given for life when he was 6yrs he is now 32. born deafblind. I live in Basildon Angela Smith was a wonderful MP. now the tory MP. doesn’t even answer questions!!
    I am disabled myself now so can’t really go on march’s as much as I would love too. This fib/dem government must be stopped before it destroy’s more lives. Been a Labour supporter all my life.

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